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1Samuel 17:1-58

The enemy taunts us to fight on his turf with his weapons. God motivates us to fight for his glory with his weapons. Learn how David\'s example of fighting Goliath can help us face the enemy in our lives.

1Samuel 18:1-30

Jealousy is a very potent emotion and we see Saul fall full force into its clutches. It can also affect us as well. We also learn of the loving servanthood that Jonathan shows.

1Samuel 19:1-24

David faces a dangerous situation but does so by having faith in God, though he was being treated very unfairly. This speaks a lot to us as we face difficulties that are not our fault.

1Samuel 20:1-42

Both Jonathan and David learn who you can trust and who you can\'t. This is important for David\'s training as Israel\'s next king and important for Christians to learn as well.

1Samuel 21:1-22:23

God takes David\'s training up a notch, removing all support so he can learn God is his support.

1Samuel 23:1-29

God trains David to be a godly leader through times of running for his life. He learns selfless love and qualities of a king after God\'s heart.

1Samuel 24:1-22

David was presented with a problem: He was to become king and now had the opportunity to make it happen by killing Saul. What he learns gives us some valuable information about timing and agency of God\'s plan in our life.

1Samuel 25:1-44

David is faced with a great insult. He reacts in anger, but as he learns from a beautiful and wise woman - reacting in anger is not always God\'s way.

1Samuel 26:1-27:12

David has been going through a graduate course in spiritual leadership during his time of running from Saul. In this final exam David learns he has passed the course. But then God takes him on to a PhD!

1Samuel 28:1-25

Saul in his last desperate attempt to get help reaches out to the demonic world. But even there God finds him and judges him. Meanwhile David is in the midst of the enemy camp but is calm because he has a relationship with Yahweh.

1Samuel 29:1-30:31

David is faced with danger, bitterness, danger, defeat, and despair. But instead of striking out or giving up he latches on the Lord. It is a lesson for us all in times of difficulty

1Samuel 31:1-13

Saul ended his life as he lived it - with him and not God in control. What do we learn from Saul\'s life to help us make sure we remain close to the Lord?

2Samuel 1:1-2:11

We know what to do in times of trial - pray! But what do we do when things go our way? Do we seek the Lord or just think we know what to do? David was smarter than that and we can learn from his example.

2Samuel 2:12-3:39

David shows once again how to mirror a godly character even while most of those around him are consumed with ambition and revenge. Sound like your workplace?

2Samuel 4:1-5:25

David finally takes over a united kingdom. Will he act like other men when they come into power? No. He is God\'s man and his example for us is wonderful.

2Samuel 6:1-23

What was David\'s passion? What drove him like nothing else? It was a passion for the presence of God. He shows the real David and is not at all concerned about what anyone but God thinks. Are we that way in our worship of God?

2Samuel 7:1-29

Most people, when they get really comfortable with their place and person begin to think of ways to keep that going. When David gets comfortable he thinks of ways to bless and honor God. We see what wonderful things happen with that kind of attitude in a believer\'s life.

2Samuel 8:1-9:13

David shows both the qualities of God in being a just king but also reaching out in mercy to someone who didn\'t deserve it. Learn just how precious we are in God\'s sight as He chooses to bless us!

2Samuel 10:1-11:27

David faces personal failure after great success as king of Israel. His path to temptation is a familiar one to us all. Learn the steps David could have taken to keep from falling.

2Samuel 12:1-31

God knows just how to reach the heart of someone who has been blinded by sin. And He knows just how to restore you if you have blown it. Learn how he dealt with David and broke him in order to build him.


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