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1Kings 21:1-29

Ahab ended up doing some extreme things to get something his flesh wanted. Learn what happens to us when we let the flesh get its way in our lives

1Kings 22:1-53

What happens when a good king listens too much to a bad one? He almost gets killed. But that\'s not as bad as Ahab, who tries to manipulate the truth of God.

2Kings 1:1-2:25

Do you try to get your own way with God, or let God have His way with you? We compare the lives of Ahaziah, a man of man, with Elijah, a man of God

2Kings 3:1-4:44

When trouble hits, how do you react? Do you blame God, wonder why He doesn\'t answer the way you want, or expect? Learn the contrast between those who humbly put their weight down on God, or just want their way.

2Kings 5:1-27

This chapter gives us a clear picture of a pagan hearing of God\'s love and giving his all to get to it, and a man who is close to God who decides to walk away.

2Kings 6:1-7:20

In these chapters we see God care for those who are doing his work, providing and protecting in ways that go beyond our normal ways of seeing and perceiving. He also shows how that if you don\'t trust God, you can\'t trust your senses either.

2Kings 8:1-9:37

Jehu did some heavy lifting for God. Sometimes we are called to do some difficult things, but that\'s all part of being a servant.

2Kings 10:1-11:20

We see two men: Jehu and Jehoiada. Both do God\'s will in bringing down an evil reign and the worship of Baal. One does it by his own means to his own ends. The other does it for God\'s ends with God\'s methods. Which are you?

2Kings 12:1-13:25

What kind of faith do you have in God? We meet two kings who suffered from kinds of faith that don\'t turn into long lasting relationships. See the consequences for ignoring that vital part of a believer\'s life.

2Kings 14:1-15:38

Personal and Spiritual pride can be the death of a person who wants to serve God. We look at two kings who started well, but trusting themselves instead of God got in the way.

Luke 15:11-32

Another look at this classic story

2Kings 16:1-20

Ahaz thought he had things so in control that his big bully buddy Assyria would handle everything. In fact is enslaved him and ruined his nation. But in the darkest of days and to the most unlikely of people, God brought some of His brightest promises.

2Kings 17:1-41

God desires for all to repent and be saved, and he sends us His word to show us the right way. We as humans seem to still want to run as far away as we can get. Israel found out that there is a point of no return.

2Kings 18:1-19:37

Hezekiah is such a wonderful example of a man who put a relationship with God above his fears, yet was honest with God, and sought the right answer to prayer.

2Kings 20:1-21

Hezekiah was a great king, but he had a pride problem. See how God dealt with him, allowing him to suffer the consequences, but in it teaching him to be even more powerful - in God.

2Kings 21:1-26

Manasseh was the worst king Judah ever had. But before you write him off, read The Rest of the Story. Much the same as God never gives up on the worst of people.

Exodus 12:1-51

Exodus 12-Passover

Wednesday Bible study\r\n

2Kings 22:1-23:30

There is one thread that weaves throughout Josiah\'s life - a dedication to hearing, understanding, and apply the Word of God to his life and the life of his nation. We have many things to learn from this very godly man.

2Kings 23:31-25:30

As God stored up discipline for Judah, so too he stored up mercy and restoration - as God\'s people listened to and acted on His word.


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