Bible Studies

Romans 1:1-15

Paul the Apostle knew who he was (and was not) and his job in the kingdom. It\'s his passion for his job that led him to write to a group of people he\'d never met, in order to introduce himself and the theology of grace to them. It encourages us to know our place in that kingdom as well.

1Kings 20:1-43

Ahab was not serving God. He was only going along to get what he wanted. Yet God performed miracles for him, to show his need of a relationship.

Romans 1:16-17

Paul lays out the entire book of Romans in just two verses and gives his reason for excitement about the gospel, an attitude that can infect us as well.

1Kings 21:1-29

Ahab ended up doing some extreme things to get something his flesh wanted. Learn what happens to us when we let the flesh get its way in our lives

Romans 1:18-32

Thought that might get your attention. The debate about the goodness of man rages, as does the arguments for the existence of God. Paul takes on both in this very hard hitting section.

1Kings 22:1-53

What happens when a good king listens too much to a bad one? He almost gets killed. But that\'s not as bad as Ahab, who tries to manipulate the truth of God.

Romans 2:1-11

Many people have a hard time understanding or accepting the idea of God as a judge. We learn about judgment and the nature of God in this section. The news actually is good!

2Kings 1:1-2:25

Do you try to get your own way with God, or let God have His way with you? We compare the lives of Ahaziah, a man of man, with Elijah, a man of God

Romans 2:12-29

How do you know if your good is good enough? What do you compare your goodness with to know? Get answers to these questions as Paul bursts some \'human\' bubbles.

2Kings 3:1-4:44

When trouble hits, how do you react? Do you blame God, wonder why He doesn\'t answer the way you want, or expect? Learn the contrast between those who humbly put their weight down on God, or just want their way.

Romans 3:1-31

Do you know what are human\'s three great faults? It leads us to know why we can never reach God ourselves. But we also see in chapter three how God does what we cannot.

2Kings 5:1-27

This chapter gives us a clear picture of a pagan hearing of God\'s love and giving his all to get to it, and a man who is close to God who decides to walk away.

Romans 4:1-25

Abraham didn\'t have much to go on - God\'s promise. But what Abraham did, when he did it, and through what agency speaks volumes to the Jew and Gentile alike how to have trust in a God you cannot see.

2Kings 6:1-7:20

In these chapters we see God care for those who are doing his work, providing and protecting in ways that go beyond our normal ways of seeing and perceiving. He also shows how that if you don\'t trust God, you can\'t trust your senses either.

Romans 5:1-11

You may not have even known you were God\'s enemy. You started the war, but you couldn\'t end it, only God could. And how He did it and what He did for you will blow you away!

2Kings 8:1-9:37

Jehu did some heavy lifting for God. Sometimes we are called to do some difficult things, but that\'s all part of being a servant.

Romans 5:12-21

All that Adam did by his willful disobedience to God\'s command - infecting the human race with sin and the resulting death - Jesus undid by one sacrifice. Learn about the new race He created and how you can be a part of it.

2Kings 10:1-11:20

We see two men: Jehu and Jehoiada. Both do God\'s will in bringing down an evil reign and the worship of Baal. One does it by his own means to his own ends. The other does it for God\'s ends with God\'s methods. Which are you?

Romans 6:1-23

So what\'s your addiction? We all have one or another. As a pre-Christian you might have several in fact. How\'s that working out for you? I know it sounds funny, but trusting in Jesus actually leads to addiction-but a really really good one!

2Kings 12:1-13:25

What kind of faith do you have in God? We meet two kings who suffered from kinds of faith that don\'t turn into long lasting relationships. See the consequences for ignoring that vital part of a believer\'s life.


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