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Joshua 6

Using the battle with Jericho as an example, learn how God takes down worldly attitudes in our lives as Christians

Joshua 7

Learn how we justify giving into temptation and how to fight sin and temptation in our lives.

Joshua 8:30-35

When things look like they are going your way, it is very good to stop and take perspective about who is really doing the work in you and who you serve and what God has done for you.

Joshua 9:3-15

Sometimes the enemy comes to us and makes a choice seem like a good thing. We need to avoid the mistakes of Joshua and make sure that the opportunity isn't really a temptation.

Joshua 10:1-43

As God used Israel to spare Gibeon and route the enemy, He teaches us 10 principals for fighting battles for the Lord on missions he calls us to.

Joshua 11:21-23

The Israelites faced the giant Anakim at the end of the campaign against Canaan. They were Israel's greatest fear but God prepared them for victory just as He will do for us against our great fears.

Joshua 13:14-14:33

Learn how what God gave to the Levites can be a spiritual principal to believers who struggle with contentment

Joshua 14

We learn from the courageous life of Caleb about how God works courage into our everyday lives.

Romans 8:28

Something between justification and glorification in the life of the Christian is the ongoing experience of sanctification.

2Corinthians 9:1-11

Today within the Church there is a debate of sorts. Believers are debating whether or not Christians should be motivated by the prospect - indeed the promise - of rewards to be given out at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Joshua 17:14-18

Joseph thought they needed an easy answer, but Joshua told them that they had what they needed to be victorious. There are lessons here for the maturing Christian and our walk with God.

Joshua 21:43-45

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath spiritually due to conflict and trial on all sides? Learn the blessing of God's promise of peace and rest.

Joshua 22:10-29

Reuben, Gad, and 1/2 of Manasseh did a good job justifying their actions which took them away from God. When we do the same we do so to our own peril. Learn how it happens and how to get back!

Joshua 1-24

We take a global look at the book of Joshua - what lessons we learned about having a victorious life in Christ. This is a good overview of the entire book.

Judges 1:21-36

Two things dragged down Israel as they tried to live in the Promised Land, and the same two things can trip us up as we try to live life with Christ. Learn what they are and how to defeat them.

Judges 3:12-31

Shamgar and Ehud both had handicaps but stepped up and served anyway. Learn how God can work with us no matter what holds us back through special weapons and tactics.

Judges 4

Learn how God speaks to the Christian and how we can respond and be a part of the action by learning how He worked with Barak.

To help understand how we can destroy the flesh by the power of the Spirit we look at how our "old self" has been crucified with Christ.

Judges 6:40-46

Gideon put a fleece before the Lord. Does that mean we as Christians should do the same thing? Learn about finding God's will in your life.

Judges 8-9

Gideon and his son both struggled with position and power. They can do real harm to the Christian unless done in the context of Jesus Christ. How to be transformed into one who acts like Jesus is the key.


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